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Welcome to HEBREW



NEW! A complete self-study course for learning Hebrew, featuring a fully transliterated text (PDF) for English speakers and 30 videos for self-instruction. The entire course (over 3 hours of taped instruction!) is narrated by Dan Kaner and Hani Nahmias. Their narration turns learning into an ongoing enjoyable experience while helping learners absorb Hebrew more easily and improve their abilities to express and pronounce the language. Each lesson also includes a short dialogue, practiced through the video-active method: the learner converses with Dan or with Hani, taking the role of the other participant by reading the subtitles on the screen. This method helps increase learners’ confidence in speaking and reinforces their ability to express themselves in Hebrew.

Lesson 1

Hello! Nice to meet you!

Lesson 2

The Family

Lesson 3


Lesson 4

At Home

Lesson 5


Lesson 6

At the Supermarket

Lesson 7


Lesson 8

The Body

Lesson 9

A Trip to the City

Lesson 10

The Seasons of the Year

Lesson 11

On Vacation

Lesson 12


Lesson 13

On a Picnic

Lesson 14

Buying Eyeglasses

Lesson 15

At the Coffee Shop

Lesson 16

At the Restaurant

Lesson 17

At the Zoo

Lesson 18

At the Doctor

Lesson 19

On the Bus

Lesson 20

I have Been Robbed

Lesson 21


Lesson 22

A Blind Date

Lesson 23

At the Fortuneteller

Lesson 24

Traveling Abroad

Lesson 25

At the Garage

Lesson 26

A Birthday


Lesson 27


Lesson 28

A Debate

Lesson 29


Lesson 30