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HEBREW let's speak! - (Hebrew for English speakers)
Here’s how we speak Hebrew in Israel!
A collection of easy and authentic conversations, made up of phrases and short sentences – it’s easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to start speaking Hebrew!
The course includes:
10 study units
More than 1000 Hebrew words and phrases
Common slang words and phrases
Complete translation and transliteration in English
Fully vocalized Hebrew
Suitable for any age

No previous knowledge of Hebrew required

Unit 1 - Who am I? Who are you?

Danny meets Dana and they start to chat. Their conversation will help us learn to introduce ourselves in Hebrew, ask questions, and count from 1 to 10. At the end of the conversation Dana makes Danny a surprising offer …


UNIT 2 - Is anyone hungry around here?

Danny and Dana are planning to eat in a restaurant. From their conversation we will learn about words connected with food and how to reserve a table in a restaurant. It is just a shame that there was something Dana did not take into account…

UNIT 3 - Where do you need to go to?

Danny arrives at an information center where Dana works as a clerk. We will learn from their conversation about directions and finding your way, how to ask and explain how to get somewhere, even though Danny knows it all!

UNIT 4 - An awesome conversation in slang.

Danny and Dana are young people who know lots of common Hebrew slang, and conduct an entire conversation… with very little content.

UNIT 5 - The Imaginary Customer

Dana is rather indecisive, and meets Danny, a salesman in a shoe store. From their conversation we will learn how to describe sizes, colors, numbers from 20-100 and to explain prices.

UNIT 6 - Going on a trip

Danny and Dana meet each other in a group going on a trip into town. From their conversation we will learn to express what happens on a trip, what to bring and what the weather will be like each day of the week.

UNIT 7 - How was it in the hotel?

Danny and his wife have arrived at a hotel where Dana is the hotel receptionist.
From their conversation we will learn how to order and get a room in the hotel, and how to complain if one needs to…

UNIT 8 - What will we do today?

Danny meets Dana on the way to another busy day full of errands. From their conversation we’ll learn to describe
everyday actions, and tasks and errands that everyone, throughout the world, needs to do.

UNIT 9 - Someone who forgets – loses out!

Danny tries to get to know Dana through a phone call. From the conversation between them we will learn how to speak on the telephone, to describe ourselves and our families, and why forgetfulness is not recommended…

UNIT 10 - As long as you’re healthy!

Danny meets Dana after she has had a slight car accident. A conversation after an accident: to describe what happened, what hurts and what’s really the most important thing in life!