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If you have an option to burn your own DVD, be minded:
1. You need to have installed on your computer a DVD burning software.
2. Download the file. It may take awhile... please do not interrupt the downloading process.
3. Insert a 4.7 GB DVD or a 8.5 GB (Double layer) DVD if the file exceeds 4.7 GB.
4. Burn.
5. View on your DVD device or DVD Drive.  

Ok... do this: when the application is open, press Ctrl+Alt+p and it should be resetted. Open the application again and choose your correct language now...
That is correct. Prolog Digital Edition is a cross-platform for your Desktop, the iPad and the Android tablet. It is not connected to the online courses on Speakit.tv - which are different and separate products.
No. This is only an online course.

Some videos are Flash based and iPad does not support Flash. Unfortunately.
It is stated before any purchase and upgrade is made that it is not to be viewed on an iPad. 

Please check:
1. Have you changed your user name? It should be the same as the one you have upgraded with! This is the main reason for upgrading failures.
2. Do you have an updated and original operating system (iOS)?
3. Have you upgraded according to the Store Guidelines?
4. Check if you have a backup of the app in your iTunes...
5. Try to re-install.

Please note: If the app has been approved for sale... that means the app is OK, and it passed the stores' Review Team. So, probably it is not the app that causes the failure, but something you are doing unfortunately wrong or something in your device settings.

Sometimes it happens.
Try to close completely the app and re-open it again. It should be OK. If not, try to re-install the app or try later.

Yes, but - only for the same user and for the device the app what purchased for! The Appstore should recognize both and allow you to download and upgrade with no extra charge.

1. Try to close the app and re-open it again.
2. Check that your WIFI is OK.
3. Go to the Download Center - and if possible - delete the specific movie and try to download it again.

Sorry, but we can't help you...
Please contact the store you have bought the app from. In most stores you will be enabled to download the app again for free, under the same user name and device it was purchased for.
Sorry... but these are different products, so you will have to purchase the app for each platform.
Please enable a Hebrew keyboard in device settings.

There is no way back to this screen... you must delete the app and re-install. On the second installation - choose the correct language.

Check your device settings. 
General > Use Side Switch to: > make sure it is not on "mute".